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HR, financial administration and interpreting services – perfection the easy way.

Monetra Oy is a human resource and financial administration service centre established in 2012 by the City of Oulu and the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District and based in Oulu, Northern Finland. In addition to the founders, Monetra is owned by Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, NordLab, the municipalities of Liminka and Hailuoto and their subsidiaries – all of them also customers who use the company’s services. Through its customers, Monetra provides payroll services for approximately 25 660 individual employees. Monetra employs approximately 160 human resource and finance administration professionals, majority of them employees transferred from the shareholder companies.

Our services include payroll administration, accounting, administration of payment transactions, accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as travel and expense report management. We also provide training and expert services. Monetra’s offices are located at Nuottasaarentie 5 in the Limingantulli district right next to downtown Oulu.

Monetra Interpreting Services in Oulu and Jyväskylä offer interpreting and translation services for authoritative units and companies. Our interpreters and translators are highly educated, experienced professionals, bound by absolute confidentiality. There are 28 full-time interpreters and a network of over a 100 freelance interpreters serving the customers of Monetra Interpreting Services.

Vision and values

Monetra’s values have been shaped in collaboration by the company’s entire personnel. Our values guide everything we do.


High-quality partnership is based on mutual trust and respect. To provide our customers the best possible partner services, the internal relationships that form our professional community must be – and are – on a solid foundation. Our proactive attitude towards service is reflected in everything we do. We listen to our customers and give advice to them. We are flexible and constantly develop our services to provide maximum value to the customer.


Our pioneering attitude is reflected in our courage to suggest new, advanced methods and ways of doing things to our customers. Our internal network of experts enables us to provide the ideal solutions for our customers in all situations. We share, maintain, develop and respect expertise.

Efficiency means the ability reinvent ourselves

Our forefront position is based on the use of best available systems, online processes and procedures and jointly agreed rules. Rational and predictive distribution of responsibility and workload as well as always allocating the right resources for the job are the guarantee of efficient operation.

The experts of our dynamic teams are encouraged to constantly develop the processes and procedures we use to achieve continuous improvement. Our way of solving problems is always innovative, and if we make mistakes, we make sure we learn from them.

Monetra is a great place to work

We know that satisfied, motivated and committed employees are the only recipe for providing best possible services for our customers. We make sure the workloads of our employees are reasonable and that our experts feel good with the work they do. We listen to the wishes of our employees and encourage them to take on challenges. The excellent performance of our organisation is ensured through determined teamwork and individual strengths.

Vision statement

We are the number one financial and human resource administration service centre in Finland. We are the number one partner of municipal organisations. We grow, win new customers and are the most desirable employer in our field of business. Our hallmarks are the energetic and proactive service attitude of the North, cost-efficient operation and standardised online systems. We develop our human resource and financial administration processes and our services always together with the customer.

Human resource administration services

  • Payroll and fee payment administration
  • Superuser services for human resource administration systems
  • Payroll accounting services
  • HR services: pension and benefits consulting, employment relationship consulting and training services, on-site assistance services
  • Temporary staffing services

Financial administration services

  • Accounting and year-end financial statements
  • Administration of accounts payable and purchase invoices
  • Invoicing services
  • Administration of accounts receivable
  • Administration of payment transactions
  • Collection services
  • Superuser services for financial administration systems
  • Travel and expense report management
  • Temporary staffing services

Interpreting service

  • Monetra Interpreting Service offers community interpreting and translation services for authorities and companies working with immigrants in Northern Finland
  • Interpreting
  • Translating
  • Education
  • More than 50 languages

Monetra in figures (2016)

  • Personnel in HR and Financial services 181. Women 157 (87 %) and men 18 (11 %)
  • Personnel in Interpreting Services 26 permanent and in addition approximately 100 freelance-interpretators
  • Average age of the personnel 47,6 year; 49,4 year (women) and 36,4 year (men)
  • 154 permanent employees, 27 fixed-term employees
  • Average retirement age: 63 years.
  • Absence due to sickness or injury 2,9 %
  • Employee satisfaction 93 % of our employees consider Monetra an excellent employer
  • Customer satisfaction: 87 % of customers would recommend. Average of 7,8 (scale 0–10)
  • Turnover 14,5 million €
  • Estimated turnover 2017: 25 million €
  • Personnel expenses (operative) 62 %
  • Monthly number of payslips : 33 530 process validity 99,7 %
  • Monthly number of purchase invoices 37 700, process validity 99,8 %
  • Monthly number of sales invoices 57 500
  • Year-end financial statements 55
  • Interpretation hours yearly 69 000 (growth 53 %), translation pages yearly 7000, over 50 languages